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Beyond the Light Pt II, alternate version
(S:AAB/Babylon 5/X-files/Transformers)
by Albatross

Author's note: Okay so maybe this is my version of a B5/SAAB wacky crossover with some Eddingsian elements thrown in, LOL!


"Who are you, buddy? How did you get here?"

Wang croaked a question in reply. "Where am I?"

A man looked at him quizzically. "You don't know?"

Wang shook his head and repeated his question.

This time, the man answered. Except that the answer made no sense to

"Pal, you're on Earth Alliance Station Babylon 5. And after you're
fixed up, you're going to tell me how you just popped out that wall

		*		*		*

Paul was taken to what the strange people called "quarters". He didn't
care what they were but he sure as hell....whoops there was that "H"
word again.....knew it wasn't the brig. And he sure as.....whoops
again. He sure hoped they weren't gonna QUARTER him.

Suddenly a strange-looking man with a broken nose came into his room
bringing a new suit of clothes that he sorely needed, looking at his
torn and tattered flightsuit. After the man had placed the garments --
a uniform of some sort -- over a chair, he whipped out a knife and
stuck it to Wang's neck. An all too familiar sound. The hiss of a
model Elroy-El. But this one was slightly different.

"State your allegiance, human. Button, then zip, or zip, then button."
it said in a sinister voice that was hovering somewhere between
soprano and baritone. be continued...
Copyright Albatross 1998