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Profile: Buckwheat
by Raya

Callsign/radio handle: Buckwheat
Name: Raya Fahreza
Rank: 1st Lt
Sex: male
Age: 24
Unit: 83rd Indonesian Squadron
Primary operational military capability: Pilot; aerial and space high
risk escort
Secondary operational military capability: Recon marine; surveillance
and sniper duty
Special training: classified
Weapon specialty: twin .45 Smith & Wesson automatics, suppressed
Heckler & Koch USPs and any sniper rifle.

Re-enlisted in the Indonesian contingent, this buckaroo was demoted by
cause of his action. Data of this action is classified, however,
scuttlebutts said that Buckwheat stepped on too many toes in the
hierarchy. Placing unit integrity above all is the strong point of his
last unit, and word is that his last action (which caused the
demotion) was done for that reason. And after a joint operation with
the USMC Pacific Command, Buckwheat was assigned to a classified 
special training in the VMF-214 Blacksheeps squadron. Accused of 
desertion by his enemies in the Indonesian Air Force, Buckwheat 
remained in the Blacksheeps. At the time, mercenary best defined his 
status. Current command change in the Indonesian armed forces sees 
things differently and they pulled Buckwheat - along with about twenty
officers with similar cases - back to duty.

In aerial and space combat, Buckwheat is especially capable in escort
flight, providing defensive capabilities to high risk convoys. He's
not known for having special ability in close quarters combat, he'll
use anything to kill before he gets killed. His impractical favourite
weapon, the twin .45 S&W however proved the most deadly in his hands.
Result of watching too much old John Woo movies, his comrades would
comment. Being an impulsive person, Buckwheat can sometimes be a loose
cannon. Some people commented that Buckwheat never seemed to take
anything seriously, or at least that's what he showed them.

Copyright Raya 1998
25 June 1998