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Profile: Garuda
by Garuda

Callsign: Garuda
Rank: Captain
Unit: 88th Firebirds Recon Squadron
Age: Unknown
Education/Training: Classified
Serial Number: 2548 88 18 4491

Garuda joined the Royal Malaysian Marine Corps in the year 2047,
shortly after the AI War began. She was quickly promoted to 2nd Lt
after the Crocker Seige which killed all but 2 members of her platoon.

Acknowledged as one of the finest pilot in her class, she was however
reprimanded twice on charges of insubordination. Upon questioning, she
replied, "With all due respect sir, the Lt. do not give a damn whether
the person in question is a green-eared Private or a decorated
Admiral. If he or she shoots his or her fool mouth at the Lt. then the
Lt. will give as good as she got."

Early 2050 saw her transfer to a classified post, and she disappeared
from sight for the next 5 years. She was then assigned to the 51st
Ghost Tigers, where she was promoted to 1st Lt. In 2057 after the AI
War was over, she was decorated for her heroic conduct in the Battle
of Independance: a week-long desperate fighting which culminated on
the eve of 31st August 2057. The ragged Malaysian forces, drawing
their strength through prayers and pure determination, finally
liberated Kuala Lumpur -- the last bastion of the AI forces in
Malaysia. [okay, so I'm patriotic. Sue me] She then requested a
transfer to the 88th Firebirds, which was approved, and promoted to
Captain soon after.

Personal comments:
In traditional martial arts, Garuda is notably proficient with
shuriken and the keris. Her CO in the 51st, the late Colonel George,
allegedly confided to a friend that he found her "scary", a view
shared by many who knew her. Temperamental and blunt, she was not
always popular with her superiors, though she was careful to accord 
them courtesy, if not respect. Unless, of course, they "annoyed" her.
However, it was also noted that she was also dependable, hard-working,
and has a sense of madcap humour. It would seem that with the 88th, 
she finally found a place where she belongs.

Copyright Garuda 1998
23 June 1998