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7th Asian Airwing -- The Untold Legends
by Garuda

Upon reflection, perhaps the 7th Asian Airwing has the AIs to thank
for its conception and eventual birth. How ironic indeed: the very
machines that waged war against mankind may perhaps also be the
saviour of a certain region...

Targeted for their strategic importance, the fragmented countries of
Asia proved to be (at least in the beginning) an easy prey. Unable to
marshall any support from the USA and Europe, one by one the countries
fell to AI control. The domino effect, they call it. Lacking support
from its neighbours, resistance crumbled. Soon, only four stalwarts
remained: Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, and Indonesia.

With the AIs chipping away at their defenses, the leaders of Singapore
and Malaysia met to forge a military alliance. The Prime Ministers of
Malaysia and Singapore, Melinda Munang and <insert name here, 41st>
respectively, agreed that the only way their beloved countries could
survive this nightmare was through unity: the sharing of strength and
resources. But they did not stop there. Inviting Indonesia and the
Philippines strengthened their alliance -- and brought hopes of a
better age.

After much negotiations, it was decided that the Asian Defense
Alliance (ADA) would be spearheaded by an elite group of squadrons,
led by a council made up of officers from all the squadrons;
experienced officers, who knew their battles as well as their names.
They answered only to top political and military leaders, but even 
then they were given "broad latitude" to decide the course of their 

First in were the 88th Firebirds and 41st Wild Furies. Lifers, all of
them: men and women who took up the duty to protect their countries at
all costs. Named after an infamous airwing in the third World War,
they became known as the 7th Asian Airwing. Later came Marines from
other countries -- 83rd Fury Angels of Indonesia and <insert Filipino
squadron here>, among others -- who heard within themselves the call
to put aside their differences... and join their brothers- and
sisters-in-arms in fighting the ENEMY.

Copyright Garuda 1998