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Season 2 Episode I: Have Faith
by Jen and Andrew

The camera takes an overview of space with the aftermath of the blood
bath lying before its eyes, debris floated around aimlessly. Then it
stops and slowly zooms in on a battered ISSAP; blown in half its
emergency safety doors down and the constant hissing of gas escaping.

Cuts To The Inside Of The ISSAP:
The camera roams around the small dimly lit cabin; red lights were
flashing, emergency power and life support were failing, circuit
boards were all fried, guns emptied. All was quiet. Then the camera
goes over the control board and freezes at the oxygen dial, oxygen
levels in there were dead low.

One lone marine, humanoid, laid among the empty cartridges on the
floor. He lies with his back facing upwards and his face buried in the

The camera focuses in on him.

His green overalls were covered in dust and blood, where his left arm
used to be was now a badly torn limb soaking in a pool of blood.
Suddenly he coughs and starts gasping for air. The pain in his left
shoulder was unbearable as he grits his teeth, squeezing his eyes
close. He looks up again and tries to focus on things around him then
plucked up what's left of his strength, he pulls himself across the
floor towards the oxygen masks and tanks. Dragging with him his limp

(leans against an empty supply box, his breath heavy from the lack of
oxygen and exhaustion as tears of pain mixed with sweat streams down
his bruised face)

The camera closes in on the squadron patch on his chest.
It read: "58th Squadron, The WildCards". 1st Lt. Paul Wang.

Why? Why can't you just let me die? Do you think I can go through this
I can't do this, I just can't
(runs his right hand through his hair)

Then as if by instinct he reaches into his left breast pocket and
takes out a Polaroid photograph. He had taken the photo with
Damphouse, West, Vansen, Winslow and Hawkes at the Christmas party
after they has been rescued from being stranded in no-man's-land that
night. He closed his eyes and a smile opens up on his face as he
remembers the moments spent with them. For an instant all pain was
gone and he was transported back to that period of time.

...I have faith in him

Those 5 words that Vansen had said that night echoed clearly in his
mind. He blocked out the pain and with one big heave, got to the
oxygen tanks. With great difficulty he took the mask and strapped it
over his mouth and nose. Taking deep breaths, he soon loses conscious.

Fades to opening credits

		*		*		*

A clearing in the tree-tops shows a blanket of stars stretching across
the endless dark sky. Slowly, the camera moves downwards and reveals a
structure of the cockpit from an ISSAP. The cockpit had landed right
smack in the middle of the forest clearing close to a swamp. It was
covered with dead leaves, burn marks from re-entry, vegetation and a
greenish slime contracted while going through the planet's atmosphere.
There were two silhouettes sitting in the pilot and co-pilot seats.

Dew had set in on the glass windows and windscreen. Inside the
cockpit, it was damp, dark and quiet. Only the constant on / off
blinking of a red warning light on the control panel provided the
slightest illumination.

The camera pans the interior of the cockpit, showing the reading from
meters, the battered door, cracked dials, etc. Then it slowly moves to
show the two people in the seats. The pilot's head was leaning against
the head-rest while the co-pilot's head hung low. They had their
helmets on, stained but could still see the smooth white exterior
surface and coloured initials on it. One helmet had the initials
'Queen' while the other had 'Ace'. Both had the picture of Queen of
Spades and Ace Spades above the respective title. The camera then
continues with a close-up of the pilot's squadron patch and name.

The WildCards, Capt. Shane Vansen.

Then moves to the co-pilot's.

The WildCards, 1st Lt. Vanessa Damphouse.

One of them starts to gain back consciousness.

(rubs the back of her head)
Oh damn my head is killing me.
(then looks over to Damphouse and gently shakes her a bit)
'Phouse? Are you okay?
(no reply)
Come on we gotta get out of this. The Chigs will be all over this
thing soon.
(unbuckles her safety belt)

She looks around the cockpit and picks up the survival bag laying
behind the seat. She attaches the oxygen pack to her helmet and does
the same for Damphouse. Hitting the red button with her fist, the door
opens to the wilds of the green planet. With the backpack on her
shoulders, she lifts Damphouse up and buddy-lifts her into the depths
of the wilderness.

Fades to the USS Saratoga

The gigantic ship drifts slowly in space, its numerous small bright
lights gleaming with the stars. The camera cuts to show an ISSAP
landing on a docking pad while the Toga's mighty guns vigilantly
guards against all foes.

Cuts To Bridge:
The camera pans over the bridge of the Saratoga. Commodore Ross, in
his brown marine uniform and a navy-blue USS SARATOGA baseball cap on
his head, stands tall and majestically at the helm.

Commodore Ross
(he leans on the hand rail directing his question to the ensign at the
communications desk)

(listens to his ear-piece for a while then shakes his head)
So far all patrols have found nothing sir and increasing Chig activity
in that area have delayed any farther search

Commodore Ross
What about the planet where they went down?

There is a Chig supply depot on the planet, too many Chig patrols in
the area to send in a team to investigate

The radio lets out a beep. An ISSAP is requesting permission to dock.
The ensign types on the keyboard, presses a few buttons then talks
into the mouth piece before turning back to the Commander.

Sir, the replacement for Colonel McQueen has arrived, the ISSAP is
requesting permission to dock

Commodore Ross nods his head in approval then turns to the security
officer in blue overalls standing behind him.

Commodore Ross
(sounding very stern)
Lieutenant I want you to get down to the docking bay and inform the
Colonel to report to the bridge immediately

2nd Lt.
(salutes the Commodore, marches a step back, turns and walks briskly
out the door)

Cuts To The Tunn Tavern:
Up in the Tunn Tavern, pilots and other Saratoga personnel spent what
ever free time either relaxing or using the facilities there. From
playing cards and pool to using the telephone and playing on the VR
machine.1st Lt. Nathan West and 1st Lt. Cooper Hawkes sat at the bar,
the jukebox playing a mellow song in the background. Both were
probably off-duty judging by their clothing; plain coloured  T-shirts.
West gulps down another small glass of whisky and taps the empty glass
on the table at the bartender again for another one. The bartender
charges it to West's card and gives him another shot, taking away the
empty one at the same time.

(nursing a mug of beer, his first one still)
Hey West, think we'll ever find them?

(gulps down the rest of the contents in the glass and taps for
Dead or alive, you bet we will find them, it's just a matter of time

Silence bestows upon them both, then slowly West takes his glass of
whiskey and walks to the window, Hawkes follows him.

This one's for all of you
(holds out his glass to the window giving a toast then drank it down)

Hawkes follows suit. At that moment, a security officer appears from
behind. Both turn to face him.

2nd Lt.
Your replacement for Colonel Mcqueen has arrived together with 3 other

Do you know who they sent to replace McQueen?

2nd Lt.
(shakes his head)
No Sir

(gives a nod to dismiss the Lt. then turns to Hawkes, putting a hand
on his shoulder)
Come on, let's go see who they sent

(They leave their empty glasses / mugs on the table and walk out)

Cuts To Docking Bay:
An overview of the docking bay shows a team of technicians about to
open the door of the huge 'shoe-box'. 2 security lieutenants stood
at-ease near the stair-landing, a superior officer waiting with his
assistant by the ISSAP for the new pilots.

The heavy metal doors slides open with a loud buzz. The hot air from
the door's airlock condenses with the cooler air from the outside to
form a temporary thin layer of white smoke, in other words: water
vapour. The replacement pilots in their new uniforms and fresh
haircuts steps down from the ISSAP. Their expression are all the same;
a mixture of confidence and fear. Amidst their awe at the vastness of
the Saratoga, the assistant to the officer immediately steps in to get
them back in order.

1st Lt.

Immediately they rush to their respective positions forming 3 neat,
straight rows. The camera then pans back to the door of the
'shoe-box', the voices of the 1st Lt. and his commanding officer could
still be heard in the background. It shows pair of well polished boots
and dark green flight suit then the camera moves slowly up the body;
one hand holding a small black personal luggage bag, then it stops.
The figure slowly steps down from the ISSAP platform. The camera cuts
to the faces of the 2 lieutenants, whom by now were both standing at
attention, their expressions unchanged. They salute the colonel. The
colonel's hand moves up, away from the view of the camera to return
the salute

2nd Lt.
Sir the Commodore wishes you to report to the bridge immediately
(the camera stays on the lieutenant)

(voice only)
Very well then lieutenant, carry on

2nd Lt.
Sir Yes Sir
(both lieutenants falls back a step, about turn escorting the colonel
to the bridge)

Fades to commercial break

		*		*		*

Darkness has fallen on the planet. The camera (this is what Vansen is
seeing)moves along a trail thick within the vegetation; huge tall
trees, swamp plants, muddy soil, etc. Then suddenly it hides behind a
bush showing a chig patrol about 60 metres away. The chigs
communicated to each other for a while before marching off in the
direction of the crashed ISSAP. She remains motionless and silent at
her position to make sure that the chig patrol had moved a safe
distance away.

(whispering to herself)
They'll find the trail and follow it. Gotta lead them away from
'Phouse before it's too late.

She gets up and moves swiftly amongst the under-growth, carefully
blending in to her surroundings. Suddenly she stops in front of a huge
bush and gently pushes it away and walks into a cave.

The camera takes an over view of the cave before slowly moving deeper
in. It was gloomy, humid and dusty with only a small glow stick at the
end corner providing the slightest illumination in the cave. Further
back, laid Damphouse, still unconscious, on the ground with a
back-pack as a head rest and a blanket over her. Vansen moves quickly,
emptying her pockets only to stuff them again with a few items then
hurriedly pens a note then stuffs it into Damphouse's hands. She
activates the ISEPS ( Inter-Stellar Emergency Positioning System) and
puts it into Damphouse's breast-pocket. With one last look at her, she
covers her over with a camouflage and carefully cover her tracks while
leaving the cave, taking care to camouflage the entrance to it as

		*		*		*

She had only travelled a few clicks before stumbling on a chig patrol.

Oh shit!

She breaks into a run in the opposite direction, jumping over fallen
trees and dodging gun blast with 4 armed chigs hot in pursuit. Then
she stops suddenly. A gun in her face. And at the other end of it was
an AI.

(with a sly grin on his face)

Fades to the USS Saratoga bridge

SIR Colonel AC Kosh reporting as ordered SIR

Commodore Ross
At ease lieutenant

He sees the Colonel, all 7ft 5". His face was hard and weather beaten
with a long scar down his left cheek.

Commodore Ross
Colonel I have orders from the top that you are to act as a temporary
replace for Colonel Mcqueen until he is well enough to return. Are you
aware of that?

Colonel Kosh
Yes sir

Commodore Ross
Very well. You may leave the bridge. The Lieutenant will take you to
your new quarters and the 58th barracks.

Suddenly, a beeping sound is heard from the main console's earphones.
The Corporal, immediately tries to home in one it's weak signal.

Sir, I'm picking up a signal from the Chig planet. It's seems to be an

Commodore Ross
Do you have a locked position?

No Sir, the signal is very weak. All I'm getting is a rough area of
where it is; a hilly area of the planet.

Commodore Ross
The signal that we're getting, can it be picked up by the chigs?

No Sir.

Commodore Ross rubs his chin as he paces the bridge.

Commodore Ross
Bring on the 5_8_

Yes sir

Commodore Ross
I want you to keep that signal on your screen. Make damn sure that it
doesn't disappears you got that?

Yes Sir

Cuts to the 58th's Barracks
Temporary replacements for the 58th Squadron had arrived. West and
Hawkes gives little concern over them.

Wesley Ford (2nd Lt.)
(standing at in awe, in the middle of the room)
So this is where the heroes of the war stayed.

Max Bowalski(2nd Lt.)
Woah, this is way cool. I'm part of the 5_8_. 2nd Lt. Max Bowalski of
the 58th Squadron. The Wildcards.

(In a tone of annoyance and anger)
Only temporary

What's with you man? What's with you and your buddy and this air of
coldness? Your pals crashed into a chig planet remember? No way they
could've lived in that atmosphere for long.

Almost immediately after he said that, Hawkes grabs him by the collar
and punches him. West jumps in and holds him back while the remaining
2 held Max back.

Tarsha Yar
(yells into his face)
Shit Max! What the heck's wrong with you?

Suddenly the door opens and the Colonel in walks

A'ten Hut!

Immediately, everyone stands at attention and salutes him.

(walks among them as they all stood at attention)
I'm Colonel AC Kosh your temporary replacement until Mcqueen gets
back. But lets get one thing straight whether or not I'm your
temporary replacement, you better jump to it when I give an order. I
don't care how Mcqueen ways are 'cause I'm in charge now so you do as
I tell you or suffer the consequences

He stops in front of Bowalski and eyes the blood that was on his face.

And if I catch anyone of you breaking the rules and smart talking'
your ass off, I'll give you more than just a punch. Is that clear!


Suddenly an alert goes off in the room.

Alright suit up and report to the mission room

Cuts to Mission Room
All 5 of them are seated down looking as moody as they had before
leaving their quarters. Commodore Ross enters the room with Colonel

A'ten Hut

Commodore Ross
At ease.
We found a very weak ISEPS signal from the planet. We have reason to
believe that it could be from Captain Vansen and Lt Damphouse. This
mission that I'm sending you on is to go in and extract them out.
Colonel Kosh will take you in and you will comb the area allocated on
the map. If you do not find them by the extract time, you leave. You
DO NOT continue is this understood? There is a chig supply depot on
the planet so you be careful and watch your six. The ISSAP will drop
you off there and pick you up at 2000miks. Dismissed.

The Squadron stands and salutes the Commodore before leaving the room.

Fades out

		*		*		*

The camera follows the ISSAP as it blasts it's way through space
towards the green planet.

Cuts to inside of ISSAP
Each Marine is strapped into their seats with helmets on in full
missions gear. Bowalski seated next to Ford who was next to Yar with
Hawkes and then West.

I hope I'm not intruding but I was wondering which facility you were

Hawkes looks at her, anger was still in his eyes after what Bowalski
had said.

(noticing it)
I'm asking cause I'm an invitro too see
(she pulls her pony-tail up)
Just wondering if we were in the same facility.

I escaped from mine

Yar looks at him, surprised. But before she could say anything, the
pilot yelled out to them to get ready. Suddenly, the shoe-box starts
to shake violently as it enters the planet's atmosphere.

Colonel Kosh


Everyone line-ups behind the doors waiting for the command to move,
guns at ready positions, oxygen tanks turned on

Colonel Kosh

Two by two they jumped out and headed straight for the cover of the
vegetation. As sudden as their arrival was, the ISSAP was gone in a
flash. They regrouped and awaited instructions from the Colonel

Colonel Kosh
(spreads out a map)
Okay this is where we are, right in the middle. So we're gonna split
into 2 groups West, Bowalski and Ford will take this area and Hawkes,
Yar and I will cover here. Each team will have this to home in on the
signal. We'll meet back at 1930miks. Clear? Good lets go.

Fades out

		*		*		*

Colonel Kosh and his team

Nope not a blink

They continue to search the area then suddenly, the Colonel raises his
fist signalling a stop. Immediately, all 3 of them took cover as a
passing chig patrol comes by. The Colonel signals them to stay down
and not to open fire. The patrol passes them quickly.
Whew that was close

Too close. Wondering where they were hurrying to.

Probably to report back

No it's not. Look
(gently pushes a branch away)

It's the ISSAP!

Or just the head.

The chigs are crawling all over it. Vansen and Damphouse had either
escaped earlier from the wreckage or have already been taken prisoner.

(checks his watch)
Either way, they're definitely not here. Time is running short we
better head back

But we haven't found them yet

Orders are orders Lieutenant and you jolly well follow them. Now MOVE
IT before the chigs find out we're here.

Slowly and reluctantly he follows them back to the extraction point.
Disappointment swells up in him with each step he takes

Hey look at it this way, the other team probably found them already

It's only a probability.
(walks off without wanting to listen to her anymore but inside he
really hoped they did)

Fades out

		*		*		*

West and his team
Oh crap this place sucks big time

What did you expect palm tree and tropical flowers?

Shut up both of you. You're gonna alert the whole damn chig patrol
with your whining.

Yeah yeah yeoooo
(he trips over a tree root and falls INTO a bush, or something that
was meant to look like a bush)

West and Ford looked at each other in surprise before rushing to
Bolwalski. As they enter, Ford notices something at the end of the
cave and alerts West. He moves closer with Ford and Bowalski
supporting him.

Oh my gosh, it's Vanessa! Quick get the med. kit over.
(Bowalski, a qualified medic rushes over. He checks her pulse,
breathing and oxygen tank, as he brushes against her hand, the note
Vansen had written falls out)

Hey something fell out of her hands

It's a note....(picking it up, he pauses as he reads it)

His expression changes to one of sadness and anger. When he finished,
he folds it back and puts it in his pocket.

How is she?

(for the first time, actually sounds concern and serious)
She's got a concussion. She needs more than what we have we gotta get
her back fast

Lets get back to the extraction point

Okay Ford, you take the front, I'll carry her. Bowalski brings up the
rear. Okay? Great, lets get moving.

West moves in to pick her up as Ford goes ahead to check if the coast
is clear. Bowalski quickly packs everything into his pack before
picking up his gun to take up the rear.

Fades out

		*		*		*

Extraction Point
West and his team arrives there first. They took cover while waiting
for the other team to return. Then suddenly, out of nowhere, a gun
blast shoots through the air and hits the tree Ford was resting

(pushes his head down as a gun blast whizzes just above him)

Where the heck did they come from


Fierce gun blasts were exchanged between the two parties. West and his
team couldn't make out where the chigs were exactly so they where just
shooting blindly into the thick vegetation.


West slowly looks to see where the Chig was. Careful not to be too
exposed, he hid behind a huge tree. He didn't get to look long though
as he was given a nasty shock when a gun blast hits the side of the
tree, narrowly missing his head.

Cuts To Kosh's Team
That's gun blasts

Colonel Kosh
You're damn well right and it sounds like they need a little
reinforcements. Come on

He quickly takes the lead and the rest follows. Soon they were right
behind the attacking chig forces.

Colonel Kosh
Hawkes take the left, Yar take the right. I'll go through the middle.
There are only 4 of them.

Quickly, they moved into positions. When they saw the signal from the
Colonel, they opened fire on the surprised chigs. Within a minute, the
chigs were neutralised.

Colonel Kosh
(radios West)

Everybody cease fire

Out of the vegetation they came out to join West, Bowaslki and Ford.

Colonel Kosh
Any casualties?

No, but we found Lt. Damphouse

Hawkes face suddenly lit up

What about Cpt Vansen?

No. She was taken prisoner. She left a note.

Suddenly, the radio crackled to life. The ISSAP had arrived. The
minute it landed, West and Hawkes stood guard as the others boarded it
first. Then with a loud blast from it's afterburners, the big shoe-box
took off.

Cut To Space
It follows the ISSAP through space back to the Saratoga.
(voice over)
'Phouse, by the time you read this, I hope it's in the safety of the
Saratoga. The chigs are coming closer and I can't fend them off alone.
It'll just take them a couple of hours more before they find us. I
don't know when the rescue team will arrive and I don't want to take
the chance of both of us being held prisoner. I won't be with you
anymore so you gotta take care of yourself. Hooyah!

Fades out

		*		*		*

The camera pans over the ISSAP and settles down on the emergency
oxygen dial. It's readings showed that the tank was close to being
empty. It then continues to move down to the receiver: Paul Wang.
Suddenly a loud bang, followed by a hair raising screeching sound,
like 2 pieces of metal scrapping each other. The camera swings round
and focuses on the door. A blinding light appears at the top of the
door and slowly but steadily traces out a huge circle. As soon as it
reaches it's origin, the light disappears. Then a pounding sound was
heard coming from the other side of the door. The circular disc
finally relented and fell away with a deafening clang onto the floor.

Cuts To The Left Side Of Wang
In the back ground, the sound of heavy footsteps could be heard as
each foot swings over the ledge to cross to the other side, landing it
with a heavy thud. Suddenly, a pair of chig feet comes into view.
There were 3 of them as they debated on what to do with the prisoner.
Then as they arrived to a decision they carried Wang, who's still
unconscious, out through the same way they had come in.

Fades to closing credits

		*		*		*

Copyright Jen and Andrew 1998