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Profile: Optimus
by Weiwen

The operative known as Optimus came to our knowledge after he 
completed his medical school in an undisclosed university. After 
doing his internship in forensic pathology, he immediately signed up
with the Federal Beurea of Investigations, where he became a Special
Agent. He taught for two years in Quantico, Virginia, where he gained
the nickname "Fox" in honour of a fictious but brilliant Special Agent
of the late Twentieth-Century television.

After the first encounter with the Chigs, he immediately signed on 
with the Asian Airwing, where he was later placed with fellow 
Singaporeans in the 41st. His skills gained as both a medical doctor 
and a FBI special agent has stood him in good stead as a member of 
the 41st.

Copyright Weiwen 1998