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Background of the 7th Asian Airwing
by Raya

United Earth Forces - Joint Asian Command/Regional Operations
Command-7: Southeast
Subcommand: Air Support Wing / 7th Asian Airwing

7th Asian Airwing

The AI war knew no boundaries. It crossed all borders, leaving a
bloody path of massacre behind. We all underestimated their military
capabilities, no one thought they'd be able to do much. Let alone
conquer the world. And to think that we created themů

Then it struck Asia, millions and millions died. Countries were torn
to pieces by the AI's global strategy. The leaders of Asian nations
realized that military unification was the only way to win the war,
and this gave way to the birth of the world's biggest military 
command. JAC, the Joint Asian Command was formed on July 13th, 2061.
For flexibility and tactical purposes, this behemoth of a military
command will then be split into eight ROC groups or Regional
Operations Command. We are the Air Support Wing of JAC/ROC-7, 
Territorial Southeast. We are the 7th Asian Airwing.

Under the union of JAC, Asian countries retaliated and victory was
achieved in a relatively short period. With the world's largest number
of personnels, Asian infantries annihilated the AIs. At the time, JAC
had six Air Support Wing. ROC-7 and ROC-8 didn't have one because
their groundforces' territorial and tactical advantage was felt
sufficient enough to handle anything, air support will be provided
independently by member countries. Everything went smooth, until
Operation Fire Down Below took place.

To the world's shock and horror, remaining AI forces that managed to
escape from Asian region regrouped in Australia and somehow took
hostage of a whole North Australian region. Such a move was impossible
to be accomplished by the AIs, and it turned out that they weren't
alone. With the aide of a puppet organization created by corrupt
corporations called  the Peacefront Faction, these AIs got themselves
human allies. Commonwealth Defense Forces were forced to stall them
while US Forces' Pacific Command was diverted to Japan, and Royal
Australian Armed Forces didn't have the time. The neighbouring
countries of South East Asia realized that the potential threat to the
territory was imminent and immediately offered help. A surprise
assault by JAC/ROC-7 forces will neutralize the enemy, Australian
forces and the CDF will further secure the territory, hunt the 
remaining enemy forces and retaliate.

Operation Fire Down Below will combine the four ROC-7 countries'
tactical edge. Indonesian Navy and Marines will clear the way for
Philippines' tactical guerilla unit, securing the coastal and rural
areas. At the same time, Malaysian Airborne regiment will commence
night time insertion along with Singaporean Special Urban Warfare
Commandos. Throughout the operation, aerial cover and support will be
supplied by 8 squadrons from the participating countries. All the
components in this operation has trained closely and had solid unit
integrity. All except the air support units. This was their first
large scale off-territory cooperative operation. If there's one thing
for sure in such large scale operation, it is that one extra person
will tag along for the ride. It's Mr. Murphy from Murphy's law fame.

Ask any Navy or Marine personnel, what is Murphy's Law. They will cite
the inevitable law which is "What can go wrong will go wrong", except
they'll say it with their proper quota of four letter words. And that
was exactly what happened to the pilots. Everything went south. A
tragic incident just after the successful operation cost two lives,
five jets, and four pilots were court-martialed. Later it was decided
that the whole mess was caused by lack of coordination between the
squadrons. JAC/ROC-7 decided that it was necessary to form a unified
air support unit. Thus born JAC Air Support Wing 7, the 7th Asian

The 7th Asian Airwing consisted of four air force squadrons from
Singapore, Malaysia, Phillipines and Indonesia. They flew F-230 Raptor
IIs, F-180 Hornet IIIi and Sukhoi Su-91X Warbirds. Compared to other
airwing, they lacked so much in equipment technology. They are also
very small in numbers, these facts gave them the nickname "underdogs".
None of this broke their spirit, it made them prove otherwise. The 7th
Asian Airwing then became the most respected squadrons in Asia. But
the nickname stayed with them.

JAC's existence proved fatal to the AIs. Asian countries celebrated
their victory of having rid of the treacherous androids. The world was
still fighting them, but Asia was relatively clear. Then came the
answer to a lifelong question in the human race. We are not alone. And
They are not friendly.

Having the territory safe, JAC immediately assigned its units to join
the United Earth Forces' retaliation to the Chigs. They sent their
best pilots. But the men and women of 7th Asian Airwing were air force

personels, and this space war required more military capability for
the pilots. So they were then sent to Quantico for training with USMC.

In their six months of extreme training, the underdogs again managed
to gain respect and honors from United Earth Forces. They proved to be
a very solid and lethal team, USMC was surprised by these grunts'
capability. The nickname stuck even more. It never bothered them, in
fact, they kind of liked being underdogs. Seeing the expression of
disbelief in people's face after a successful maneuver brought
satisfaction to them. For space/exo-atmospheric combat, JAC equipped
them with early versions of Hammerheads. They are now marines. Leaving
their loved ones as they rise up for the call, above and beyond.

Copyright Raya 1998