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Profile: Silencer
by Patrick

Name: Patrick "Silencer" Toh
Rank: Captain
Sex: Male
Age: 28
Unit: 41st Singapore Commando Battalion - "The Wild Furies"

Unlike most officers of his status, Capt. Toh was not drafted into
Officer Candidate School immediately after his bootcamp. Most of his
pre-war records were withheld even from himself. Though it is widely
believed that he was ingested at the beginning of the war as need for
manpower (cannon fodder) increased. He began his military career as a
corporal in the 168th Infantry Battalion, swiftly promoting to the
rank of 2nd Sergeant by the 18th month of his service and appointed
platoon sergeant. A major intelligence foul-up in the 28rd month of 
the war had caused a 80% casualty rate in the company 2nd Sgt. Toh 
belonged to. His own platoon commander perished in the incident along
with much of his own men. He, himself, was thought to have stood by 
his post (MG commander) and perished alongside until 9 days later 
when he was spotted by medevacs clearing the mountains of dead bodies;
dehydrated and under-nourished but otherwise fine. He was knocked out
cold during the height of the firefight when friendly forces had
artied his command post thinking that it was overan by AIs.

With 2 months to go before his tour of duty ends, 2nd Sgt. Toh decided
to go career and signed on when he was presented the chance to be
commisioned as an officer. His career records had made him a very
sought after man in every combat vocation but he had choosen Commando
after his tri-service training term and was attached to the 41st SCB
until the end of his officer cadet training phase and was commissioned
as a 2nd Lieutenant in the 41st. His specialization in almost every
avaliable field paved his way to his status today but not without
people who got sore-eyed over his success and even his own suspicion
that he was more than just a "nipple-neck". But before he could
conduct his own investigation, the Chigs had declared war. His
background and identity would have to wait...

Copyright Patrick 1998
27 June 1998