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Profile: Wildhorse
by Ivan

Name: 2nd Lt Dylan Joseph.

Callsign WiLdHoRsE given when he was known to fly his hammer-head
aggressively through training school always pushing the 'bird' to the
deck and creating new SCM (space combat manuvers) ... and also due to
being born in the year of the horse.

Specialises in aerial and electronics warfare, known to come into
dogfights unseen on radar or through visual sightings. Approach is
normally low flight entry, prefers using guns than missiles. Flies
solo in the dark of night.

Rumours has it that his self-modification to personalise his aircraft
with a electronic blackbox has increased the capabilities and
performace of the aircraft. No other aircraft has been modified since.

Now with the 41st, given the job to outfit the squadron with the
blackbox and having test status on all aircrafts. Gives trial test in
live situations.

Mission status is still non-combat, given the rare nature of his
aircraft and his knowledge -- the brass does not want to let this fall
to the wrong hands.

Has a record of disappearing in training school, usually called to do
Black Ops training recon mission. Disappears from squadron from time
to time.

Hoping to be activated for combat duties soon.

Copyright Ivan 1998